Who like’s my new primary cooler.

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    Who like’s my new primary cooler.

    I’ve been wanting to do more designating of coolers beginning w/ the primary the cooler that stores the majority of ice and other coolers are replenished from.

    Recently purchased a Titan 16 can lunch box at Costco $25. saw same cooler a few weeks later last Sunday for $6. reduced so I asked and they acted do you have you’re receipt.

    Real recently I purchased another of the same coleman 50quart roller advertised as insulated I am here to confirm the lid isn’t insulated shame on coleman for advertising could be a typo. Regular folks (land lovers) probablley could care less about insulation.

    Me I would like as much insulation as I can fit, so here we are folks.

    I actuelly made my new primary out of necessity I was intending the new coleman to be the pri. Just didn’t like the lid being empty so I returned.

    I have since reordered a 52quart chest type (I prefer the shape and size of rollers) I’m not optimistic it arrives for next expedition.

    The Styrofoam is surpring stronge.

    holding 12quart smoothie bottles plus stuff like bags squid/shrimp sandfleas ect. haven’t tried the milk but appears to be deep enough.

    I have a secondary which also isn’t opened much, since the new lunch box it holds a six pack a couple Tupperware cantainers and I really like the outside insulated sandwhich holded this titan has a nice seal 2 quart smoothie fit perfect on bottom.

    Fish bag is on hand for XL & long fish.

    Last is a little bait which duties are split w/ secondary for larger baits.

    finally adding cushion snaps directly to lid.

    I think solid ice will stay for 3 1/2 summer days.

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