Who knows motorsailor Marina 75

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by Jogi, Aug 31, 2011.

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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    I should be available George, though February is Daytona month!

    Agreed, most looking at motorsailors will find pleasure with this little boat.
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    viking north VINLAND

    Certainly is -During bike week when not in Daytona i'm usually wandering around the Lions Club fair grounds in Eustis checking out the antique motorcycle goodies. I like that whole area been hanging around there for some 15yrs. now and feel very at home when i visit. I always visit the Marine used item store in Daytona, good deals there always manage to gather up a small stockpile from them as well as the big one in Fort Pierce. Haven't gotten to the other big one Sailers or Sailer something or other. Can't remember the town, it's about half way down the Atlantic coast to Fort Pierce. Also haven't been to the big one in St, Petes in a decade but might make the effort this trip. I usually drag enough stuff back to keep the shop going for the year. Then there's the junky-junky-junky flee market in Sanford and watching the locals dodge the gaters while fishing in the St. John River in route. :) Prices in the pawn shops are totally insane so i don't get much there. Yup could keep myself busy for a long time but i'd need a train to haul the goodies back and thats not countin the out on the beach time--Oh ya haven't been down in three years need my fix -- Time to tune up the rig..
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    Jogi crasy sailor

    Marina 75

    Hi viking north and PAR (George),

    very interesting for me to follow your conversation. Since that time I visited an ownwer of a Marina75 and inspected the "old lass". It´s realy a nice boat, but the owner only was motoring. So he couldn't tell me anything about sailing abilities :-(((. But your hints are very useful for me. I kwow that a motorsailor is no racer. Up to now I was sailing a (small) racer. But now I'll try the compromise between comfort, sailing, motoring, in inland lakes, coast areas and a little bit deap sea cruising (for 2 Persons). So I think this boat will be a good middle ground.

    This weekend I will inspect the next Marina75. This owner is a pensioner and he gave up his hobby. He was sailing a lot (with fun) in baltic sea. I decided to by this boat (if it is in good conditions) and find out her qualities. If it doesn't match I will sell it. Such a nice oldtimer I'll sell at a profit. Here are some more pictures.

    You will hear (read) more after a few days.
    best regards

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  4. Cessnasia
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    Cessnasia New Member

    Marina 75

    Hi Jogi,

    I own a Marina 75 for many years (my parents purchased it appr. 1994). We do primarely sail with this boat and the 10 hp Yanmar diesel is only used to leave and enter the berth. If you want a sailing experience (beginning of 2012) please contact me.
  5. Jogi
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    Jogi crasy sailor

    Who knows Marina75

    Hi Cessnasia,

    thank you for your Message. In November 2011 I purchaised a lovely Marina75. I couldn't realy check sailing abilities of this nice Motor sailor. But I'm an absolutely sailing fan (as you). So it would be very nice to get more information about the Marina75 from an owner familiar with this boat.
    I'm going to sail as in mediteranien and baltic sea as in inland lakes. So I have to put down the mast when passing a bridge or watergate (lock). Is your boat prepeared for this? Where do you come from - it means where are you sailing?

    I'm looking forward to your answer :).
    Best regards
  6. BellinghamSailor
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    BellinghamSailor New Member

    I know this is a very old post, but we're looking to find a Marina 75 for sale in the Puget Sound area. It sounds like there are at least 2 in the region, with an additional one perhaps up in southeast Alaska. If anyone has any contact info for owners - or any sightings - I'd appreciate a shout. Thanks so much!

  7. Terho Paavilainen
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    Terho Paavilainen New Member

    Hey. I have owned the boat for a year. Good to sail. Not a race boat but gets up in the wind surprisingly well.

  8. Peter Matthews
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    Peter Matthews New Member

    I have owned this 1982 Cobin 26 ( hull built in Finland by Jutahelo) for 25+ years. Name "Fore Shore." She is lying Maders Cove, Nova Scotia. Yanmar diesel 530 hours. New Jib 3 years ago. Mainsail and Pro-furling gear overhauled about 5 years ago. Comes with tender and trailer ( not road worthy) . Has given me a lot of pleasure, Excellent sea boat. Price Cdn $16,000 ( 0.n.o) Reason for selling am getting too old. Contact Tel.No. 902-634-4946.
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