Who design ? Which type of wooden boats?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JEANYANG, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Hi! there is a large wooden boat in the picture ( top left coner, please click on and enlarge it, "Le passage de l'écluse" )please see the links :http://www.routedurhum-labanquepostale.com/fr/s08_multimedia/s08p01_photos.php?pg_cur=4&theme=114&skipper=0
    It should be a ketch or schooner,or other style? How many size about this boat ?
    For buildingThis large boat should very expensive, only dream of,yet.
    so beautiful, so classic ! making a palatial live-aboard!
    Although it is too expensive to build, But I desire to know more information about it . Who design the such wonderful boat? any other similar design?
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    it could be the cancalaise or granvillaise , new luggers from cancale & granville, north france, 18 meters ?, some of the fastest old sailing boats, replicas,their are others, the renard, recouvrance,
    we'll build you one
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