Who can help me to answer this question? re: why use of empirical formulae is common

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ali33, Oct 4, 2012.

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    If that's complicated, then yep, it's pretty clear who's clueless . . .
  2. tunnels

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    and its taken all this time to realise ?? Jesus your slow !!:D
  3. Frosty

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    You know what its working -- yes --yes its coming into my head now,-- yes I have the hypothesis and I now have an established and final testable prediction and evaluation of this thread.

    This is just complicated words that students study today and they wonder why they are still bloody useless.

    Its just big words for what any living animal does to learn, even a dog fetching a stick.
  4. tunnels

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    Clever dog !!! he could build boats even !!!:confused:
    So students get to throw and fetch then ?? well i'll be damned !i think i will sign up for design school . i would be one up on the dog because i cant throw the stick !!he can only fetch !! so he and i know exactly where we are hes bottom of the class and i one step ahead yeah baby yeah :eek:
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    If 9th grade vocabulary is too much for you, maybe knitting or needle point would suit you better. So how many words did you have to Google? And you look down on the youth of today's studying habits . . .
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    2 pages and the OP has rep 10 and posts...1

    He/She/It got you good guys.
  7. tunnels

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    I live in a town here in china surrounded by 8 huge universites ,every day i see possibly 2 or 3 thousand students during a day coming and going in big groups , in the afternoons at any one time on the fore court theres up to 300 or more coming and going .
    last year at this same time of the year the pressure and learning habits took the lives of 5 students because they threw themselves off the roof of there school onto the concrete below parent pressure pressure from there fellow students and there teachers . So this is chinas youth study habits at any time there lights are still on at all hours right through to day break .Same in Japan the death rate at any university is much the same .
    Korea the young lady designer i worked with lived and slept at her desk for a week because she had so many projects on the go at one time . she broke down and cried the moment i arrived from nz !!!
    I helper her finish a couple of jobs then pulled the plug on her computer and orded her to not come to work for two days .

    What is the problem ? wheres the sense of humor gone ? where are you taking this ?? for me its the end . smile a little and lighten up !! happy people live longer !! have you bought a place to rest yet because you just might need it sooner that you think !!:(
  8. Submarine Tom

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    Well, that explains it then.
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    Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?:p
  10. tunnels

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    Its not a joke !! i have had the misfortune of working with a couple of people that could not handle simplistic things at all !!
    There attatude was if its simple there was something missing how can it work if its simple .
    One guy was english university educated in the modern system of things !!was completely accident prone and a danger to eveyone he worked with !!
    They had a hell of a time working with us because as a group we all gathered around the plans on the bench and talked about what was going to be done and how and then just went and got on with it !!
    After being bombarded with a load of silly questions i just said shut up watch what we do and learn from it . We had really big panels to make and the proceedure was very simple and really basic and there was no thinking involved the 8 of us knew everything off by heart as it was a system devised by all of us and we all overlapped each others jobs so nothing could or would get forgotten during any part of the operation . no yelling and abusing or rushing looking for things , everything was where it should be and if it was used during the process went back exactly where it was so everyone knew and didnt have to go looking and wasteing presious minuts , we just spoke in normal voices and got on with it !!, even had a radio and music going in the back ground .
    The young guy that thought he was our boss used to stand in the back ground against the curtan and watch , then shake his head and walk away in disbelief ! when it was finished and the vac pulled down it was totall clean up and put away then and off to do other things , i always hovered and kept a eagle eye on proceedings till gel time had passed and then some one else would come and keep an eye on things . we had contarctors working next door in the next room and they were into upsetting the apple cart and poking holes in vac bags and taking all our tools etc etc silly jelous kiddy stuff .
    There work was crap and they used to get reminded every day .Was like a circus watching what they used to do , They lived with complicated work habits and ways of doing things we completely disorganised and had panels fall apart before the even got them off the bench ,we were all doing the same kind of work .

    Core bond does not like to be sucked down at max vac !! anyone know why and what can happen ??? :confused:

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    One step at a time...
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