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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by eiasu, Oct 21, 2020.

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    eiasu Junior Member

    Hi everybody,
    i am enjoying my 18 feet class A catamaran, and now I would like to change boat.
    I would like a small boat, around 22 feet, that should be capable of 2 different purposes:
    1. sailing fast single-handed and with one crew
    2. earning some money carrying at 4/6 people for a slow 4 hours cruise in the beautiful bay in Naples Italy where i live. Would be great a design that could keep people dry in moderate conditions, let's say with 15knt wind and half meter wave. Or if not dry, at least less wet as possibile ;)
    3. the budget is not so much the point, I would like to find the right design that better matches my requirements and then go for it
    4. retracting rudder and daggerboard is a must to ground in a sand beach
    5. a cabin for 2 sleeps
    6. i love very very much trimarans, with all their limits in terms of space, if no trimaran matches my needs i would chose a catamaran, but is my second option
    I was looking of course to Farrier, and Corsair first, but i ask you pro and cons of all available multihulls that i don't know

    Thanks a lot,
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    6 passengers and one or two crew is putting on a substantial load on a small boat.
    Your passengers safety must be the first concern, so start by calculating anticipated load, then proceed to look at designs that will safely carry such a load.
    Multis in the 22’ An under range tend to be focused on speed rather than load carrying ability.
  3. Zeeminner
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    Hi, check smalltridesign(.com) for lots of stuff on small trimarans. It mainly focuses on homebuilding, but also reviews some designs.
  4. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    22' is a bit small. Silent Bay Charters use a Kurt Hughes designed 24' trimaran for day charters with good success.

  5. eiasu
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    eiasu Junior Member

    Thank you very much for your answers,
    i had a look at smalltrimaran.com but did not understand much, it's a very chaotic website (i'm a web designer eheheh)
    The Kurt Hughes 24 i also couldn't find, but he has some other small tris on his website, I like his designs.
    I have a great concern for the safety of the passengers, I don't mind that with full load the boat will slow down a lot, I'm fine that she is enjoyably fast with 1 or 2 crew and that under full load the passengers can feel safe and secure.
    Happy sailing!
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