Where in USA are you sourcing stainless hardware?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by snowbirder, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    I'm having a hard time finding hardware.

    Nuts and bolts.

    I'm, looking at 5/16ths bolts, 3" long, in 316 stainless, for $7.89 eack, plus tax.
    Washers for the same are $4.46 each.
    Nuts are $5.

    This adds up to $20 per hole and there are 4 holes per cleat!

    What the heck is wrong here?!

    Where can I get fasteners for more normal pricing? Is 316 necessary on deck?
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    Sounds exxy, you have to get into a box/50/100 rate for pricing, thats like a counter sales price, recent example here 200 x 16mm gal coach screws went from 3.40 each down to .89 each..... use the yellow pages. Also good to buff the heads before install- extra shiny.

  4. snowbirder

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    Thanks. Dramatic difference in price for the same hardware on boltdepot.com vs Fastenal.

    These are for 10" deck cleats, so no dowels. Need to do it right.

    Great link. Thanks.
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    Fwiw I buy a lot of hardware on amazon and eBay. I ago use McMaster Carr and grainger. Both are s lot cheaper Werth an account. If I need something right away I find lowers to have much better selection than home depot. Ave hardware is also usually pretty good but pretty $$
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  7. snowbirder

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    Highly recommend boltdepot.com

    The 316 stainless was just that, and very well crafted. It reminded me of how hardware used to be made.
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