what you guys think about this eltrc kayak.?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by joco, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. joco
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  2. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Fly on the Wall - Miss ddt yet?

    I think it is cool.
  3. duluthboats
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    duluthboats Senior Dreamer

    Looks nice on saw horses, can it go in the water?
  4. joco
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  5. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    I think you can buy the same kind of cheap plastic Kayak in Wally World and pop on an electric trolling motor all for around $300
  6. kerosene
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    I don't know about that. It looks like a pretty well thought out product. Only the battery dept. looked a little funky.
  7. NoEyeDeer
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    NoEyeDeer Senior Member

    I think with a hull shape like that you'll need the electric motor. :p
  8. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    I'll wait till late spring 2011 and buy a cheap used one
  9. portacruise
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    portacruise Senior Member

    Very interesting bells and whistles, but still your basic, non versatile, remake clunker of electric canoe that hasn't been though out very well. I don't even think the torquedo with hobie's huge resource backing will make it for very long.


    One of many things they ignore: how to free the prop when it gets fouled with weed and the whole thing becomes 50# (including controls wt.) of additional drag and dead weight to paddle- that needs to be dumped overboard?

    These things have been around for decades from companies that went belly up, not even counting some very clever homemade units. There may be some very specialized niche uses where they may have application though. I have a gadget that has been used for decades for fishing rivers, for example.

    Hope this helps.


  10. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    I had a 16' Perception kayak and hung a 50lb (Ithink) Minota trolling motor off the side, I thought I could have pulled a skier! LOL, worked very nicely, didn't use it much, just experimented, after I got it secured, it worked well.
  11. DougCim
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    DougCim Junior Member

    Well, maybe not.
    The cheap kayaks are all polyethylene, while that looks like a thermoformed boat. Thermoform is considered mid-level, between polyethylene (cheapest) and fiberglass/composites (un-cheapest).


    The kayak looks cool--but then, it also looks expensive.

    I'd like to get a GPS for my kayak. Ideally there would be one with a dimmable red-lit display, so it could be left on and not attract bugs or upset my night vision when used in total darkness, which is the only time I'd need it. So far I haven't seen anything like that however.

    Also I don't have much interest in a motor, if I could arrive at a good pedal-powered design that I could build I'd be pretty happy with that. Most of the pedal-powered small boats I have found info on are impractical, spindly racing things not good for leisure use. Many of the non-racing setups have technical shortcomings I don't like (like using whip-cord as a driveshaft...)

  12. Squidly-Diddly
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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    for real use I'd stick with Scanoe with trolling motor and

    whatever batteries are around. I saw a guy loading a mini-Honda generator into a scanoe with his
    two batteries and troller.

    He said his home charger might be flaky so the gen was just back-up.

    And they say there isn't a hybrid solution for boats.

    Problem with this kayak is I don't see anyone using it in any 'serious' kayak situation anyways, either off shore or
    down river, so stick with scanoe.

    Neat toy, though.
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