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    masalai masalai

    Hi Par,
    Hmmmm seems our talent in pontification and advising others is lost again :D but to continue the trend,

    Hi kadik,
    You should post again (presuming access) and respond with more detail, and why "without a where?"

    'Where', - is important as that influences design, build material, hull configuration, and also, one needs to consider climatic comforts.

    Sail and diesel (work out at being very similar) are not an either/or option as running using either is not very different in cost for the same speed (4 to 12 knots average).

    Long term cruising live aboard people usually are anchored or otherwise not moving at least 80% of the time. The rest of the time is spent going to a new place to land and explore, earn travelling money, socialising and so on.

    To go cruising for no real reason is the answer of a dreamer who lacks the commitment and incentive to pursue this lifestyle. Tell me that you desire to explore this certain place and its culture - you are getting 'warm', but sufficient incentive, determination and incentive to go sailing is not evident yet...

    What do you propose to do with your life whilst cruising? Do you have the skills? Do you have the knowledge, capacity to deliver and survive in the challenges that will continuously confront you?

    I am discovering that the ageing process is another hindrance to cruising. I do not need crew generally, BUT, I am not good at long passages, it is nice to have someone else help to keep watch whilst the other person sleeps.

    Par, Wynand and others like mono's,

    I used to, but now, for the region I cruise, I feel a catamaran is ideal. shallow draft is significant as is the capacity to sneak up in shallows and sit comfortably on the bottom (The Island region of Melanesia does not have many splendid sheltered harbours but shallow creeks and small fringing reefs can be found) because the islands are coral-uplift, of volcanic mountainous regions caused by tectonic subduction, - anchoring for a deep draft vessel may be in 100M or so of uncertainty rapidly dropping ever deeper.
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