what type of boat is this?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by scottsdale15gtr, Jan 4, 2016.

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  2. rasorinc
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    It is a cruiser boat about 26' long with an 8' beam. Inboard with a full V hull to the transom.
  3. Rurudyne
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    Well, that was freaky. After getting a nice chuckle out of rasorinc's reply the additional thought "It's blue." jumped through my head and then I pressed the link ... only to discover that it was actually blue.
  4. Mr Efficiency
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    About twice that length I'd say.
  5. steve123
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    It'a a 13m - 25kt Deep 'V'
  6. SamSam
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    Colnago 40

    New unique taxi speed boat

    Highlights: Unique design, speed, comfortable, safe, available during rain and rough sea, one of the most attractive taxi boat, completely croatian design, powerful.

    Crew: SKipper

    Available for: 20 pax

    Built: 2013.

    Designer: Colnago Marine (HR)

    A photo posted by Cro Yachting Croatia (@croyachting) on Feb 6, 2015 at 4:40am PST



    Built: 2013.
    Producer: Colnago Marine (HR)
    Length: 13.00 m
    Width: 4.15 m
    Max. speed: 41 kts
    Cruising speed: 23 kts
    Additional berths: 22 passengers

    * All particulars are given in good faith and believed correct but they cannot be guaranteed.
    Check availability


    It is also a self bailing boat, in that water on the back deck will run off without the need for pumps.

  7. kresco
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    Could you post a schematics of this beauty? preatty please?

  8. colnago_marine
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