What to look for in a "Used" jet/pump, so as to not end up w/ a useless Berkley?

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by colbytcheese, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I have recently aquired a decent Avenger hull. Also, I have found a used Berkley pump and jet, but it is in 4 pcs. The pump is there, the actual jet and reverse hdwr. is intact. But the rod the impeller mounts on and the impeller itself are out of the pump. Also, I see no way of steering the jet, if even installable to hull. If anyone could help w/ identifying a usable used jet and pump, I would be greatful. This is a picture of the jet drive I am considering. I am needing hints as to what to look for as far as wear, cracks, etc., and also, maybe a clue as to what the drive is in need of to be installed and a ballpark estimate of costs that will be inquired to use, or, should i keep looking? I will be out a few hundred dollars for this drive, is that a so, so deal? I have always had outboards and a novice when jets are concerned. Please help so my Avenger restore can progress. Thanks, Colby Sorry about the size of pics, maybe if you click on it, you could zoom in, so as to be sure of your reply. For as I stated, I'm in the dark w/ jets. One more thing, the Avenger hull I would use this drive on is the more family orriented hull w/ the engine cover on back of top side of hull w/ thru hull exhaust, and small block motor mounts.

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    Your picture is a bit too small to make sure, but this looks like a partial Berkeley 12JE. If this is all you have, there are dozens of parts missing, the most important being the steerable nozzle assembly. To see (nearly) all possible configurations, go to www.americanturbine.com and download the catalog. The 12JE was designed for boats with a specific transom shape and just one small mounting hole, the JG and JI have the pump in the boat and use a cover and O-ring to seal the transom. I am not familiar with the boat you have so cannot determine what you need.
    There is also a "Place diverter" unit for all Berkeley, Jacuzzi and similar jets, that does both steering and trim, available from CP-Performance. The original Berkeley parts were quite good, but the company died long ago. What is offered now looks the same but is very prone to corrosion because the alloy contains too much zinc.
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    Thanks for help,CDK,. I have tried to enlarge pic but could not figure how. Every time I upload the zoomed pic, it still shows as you say a bit to small.
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    I just purchased a 1976 taylor jet boat with a bad jet pump housing. Do you still have this pump and do you want to sell it? Does the tag on the housing read 12JE-A? Thanks, Neal
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