what to do with the ford 312

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by nam57, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Hi every one, I have a ford 312 interceptor that I pulled from a 19' 1958 Chris Craft Capri. I plan on installing a small chevy v8 either a 283 or 350 after the restore is complete. I am trying to determine a value for this ford and if it would be better to part it out. Also I need to determine if there are any pparts I need to keep like engine mounts ect. Any ideas out there?:confused:
  2. papasloan
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    There is no modern engine that will bolt up to the 312 mounts. I didnt know they used the 312 in marine applications. Most of the engines were 256 272 or 292 cubic inches. The 312 will have casting numbers If I rember correctly starting with the letters ECZ. Head and block. Bore on a 312 is 3.8 std.
    If it is in good shape I would rebuild it and run it. Or if its clean sell it to a 55 to 57 tbird restorer. They are a good engine.

  3. Jango
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    Or sell it to a Chris Craft restorer. I imagine the marine stuff on that motor might be hard to find.

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    Last year somebody on the west coast was looking for a replacment 312 for his boat.
    You might try Ebay.
    PS: in the late 50's the Seattle Police boats had 312's.
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