What replaces an obsolete regulator /rectifier?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by RichChil, Jun 21, 2021.

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    I just changed my 9 amp stator (CDI 173-3672). I have dual power packs on my (Evinrude) E88MSLCCC. I have both a Voltage regulator 511404 and a rectifier 583408 on my motor. However, to play it safe due to its age I want to change out the voltage regulator (511404) but its obsolete.

    My voltage regulator has 3 wires. (Brown, Yellow, and Black) I looked on Marineengine.com and their diagram is pointing to a regulator that has 5 wires. On Ebay I found a 581736 that looks identical to my old unit, but the wires are Purple, Yellow, and Black.

    Could I use the 581736 in lieu of the 511404? Is it 10amps, will it damage my engine or new stator? I could not find specs anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    if you have a few electrical loads and or dont run WOT all day I wouldnt bother with the regulator as the output is low.
    That regulator you mentioned is only a halfwave version not a full regulator which became the water cooled one same as the looper v engines
    Cant damage your stator, the regulator just shorts to ground to control voltage.
    Do you have a voltmeter on the dash?
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    The ebay reg likely will work. Brown on old would be purple wire on new one.
    If you buy it, ohm it out and see how they compare.
    And maybe the regulator case grounds as does the black wire.
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