What kind of wood is that

Discussion in 'Materials' started by phmadeira, May 16, 2017.

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    Like to have this kind of wood result

    Do you know what kind of wood , and any varnisk, translucide gelcoat...

    thank you

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    Hard to say just from a photo, but looks like mahogany, real mahogany, not the junk that passes for mahogany these days. Looks very similar to the African Mahogany I have from a bed made in the 1840's. It is consider endangered and you can't import it.
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    I agree it looks like it might be mahogany, though maybe Sapele or red Shora (luan) are other possibilities. There are a few dozen subgenius of this species. A much closer look at the wood, its grain pattern, etc. would be necessary to get a solid, positive ID of the species type.
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