What kind of framing system is used in high speed boats?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jo Ho, May 23, 2021.

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    What kind of framing system( transverse,longitudinal, combined) is used in high speed boat (about 20 m) and why?
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    Welcome to the Forum Jo Ho.

    You will not get any replies to such a vague question - you need to supply some more information.

    The simple answer to your question is all the types you mention are / can be used - it all depends on the usage, boat type, speed, etc.
    What kind of 20 metre high speed boat are you interested in?
    And what type of material - exotic composites, ordinary fibreglass, aluminium........ ?
    What does the boat have to do? Is it for commercial work, or is it a pleasure yacht?
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  3. Jo Ho
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    Thanks for caring,
    It will be used as a search and rescue boat, can reach up to 30 knots, and using aluminum material.

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    At that size and speed it will most likely be standard frame and longitudinal with deep longitudinals aft to carry the engines and gear train. The trade-off between frame depth and longitudinal depth will depend on plate selection, compartmentation (i.e. bulkhead and tank location), self-saving features, etc.
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