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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Angleo, May 4, 2013.

  1. Angleo
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    Angleo New Member

    I just bought it but there is no identification for this boat please help!:confused: I'm curious on what type of boat "name" would be any reply would be worth while thanks ;)

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  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Welcome to the forum.

    What does the title or registration say? Considering the era it was likely built (late 60's, early 70's is my guess), you may never know, though a registration number and.or title search might offer something.
  3. Angleo
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    Angleo New Member

    No info

    the registration on the boat didn't show much it told me that it was a homemade boat by the look of it it does not look like its custom built or homemade its registered in Arkansas so I called Arkansas and they told me it was a homemade boat im not really satisfied on that answer
  4. philSweet
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    philSweet Senior Member

    no idea, but the TT looks like a '74 Airstream Overlander.

    Lacking anything better, I'd continue to register it as at was until/if you find anything better on it. That tends to be the path of least resistance for all concerned, altough a bit unsatisfying. The titling of small craft was very hit and miss in the south until quite recently. I remember showing up in Florida with a boat with no title, on a trailer with no title, behind a car with no title, all perfectly legal where it had all come from. The registration clerk just shouted over her shoulder "I got another one from Georgia.":p
  5. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    I think it's a Ranger Bass Boat.
    Look near the drivers seat, inboard on the inner edge of the 'rail'

    TR10.jpg :) middle floor.jpg
  6. Angleo
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    Angleo New Member

    very close resemblance

    the Ranger Dt 10 looks really close! some slight adjustments were probably made to the boat now but i think we're on the right track! Thank you tons!
  7. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

    It sure looks like a production boat. It could be a kit, which may not have gotten a manufacturers registration number since the customer was the "manufacturer".

    There used to be a lot of companies offering kits of knock-offs of popular designs. I have old magazines with ads for such companies (long gone), you might have one of those. The kit consisted of all major assemblies and fiberglass parts that the customer would assemble, and they were almost identical looking to the models they copied.

    I will dig through those magazines and see if I can scan one of those ads and post it here.

  8. lewisboats
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    lewisboats Obsessed Member

    Somewhere in it's past the paperwork got lost and then the boat got sold. The new owner got around no paperwork by claiming it was homemade. I have a couple of trailers in the same situation.
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