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    Hello Boaters: I have a 1947 Gray Marine 671 fresh water cooled engine that has been in my yard under a tarp for many years. It has a Twin Disc 3 to 1 manual gear which I have a manual for. I also have a few related parts such as a mechanical tach., a starter solenoid, and fuel rail. I have seen in other posts how to find the serial nos. and will do so when the rain stops as I am curious to verify what I was told years ago when I bought this engine. It was supposedly in good condition with low hours back then. I know the exhaust manifold is shot but I haven't tried to turn it over in many years. I also have a pair of 4 cyl. continental diesels that would be good only as cores at this point. Any Idea if any of this equipment has any value as complete units or parted out?? Thank You Don
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