what height does sliding seat need to be in relation to heels and oarlocks?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Apr 19, 2013.

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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    Just picked up this double shell. It is a "Smallcraft" and weighs about 170lbs. 22' long, about 27 1/2" wide hull at heavily loaded waterline. Needs seats and oars. I'm probably going to get away from "skateboard" type wheel and go to MAAS type rails and little wheels.

    I'm wanting to make it a good passenger hauler as well, with 'lounge' chair front or back, and will also be rowing single, so I'd need to ballast. Maybe some gallon milk jugs full of water, or a "sack" I could pump full of water.

    Unfortunately it doesn't lend itself to easy convert to GOOD single middle rowing position because the floor narrows after the front and back foot holds, but not TOO much, so I might be doable even for my 14EEEE feet. I'd just bolt a cross piece across the gunnels to carry the oarlock brace's amid-ships connection for moving the oarlocks to new mid position.

    height Measurements are:

    heel cups 1 1/4" off floor(so figure actual flesh heel about 1 1/2" off floor)

    flat spot where skate-type wheels rode 4 1/4" off floor.

    flat spot where skate-type wheels rode to bottom of oar locks 9 1/4" ((I believe this is the important one....How tall does the seat need to be to keep my arse proper height in relation to oar locks.))

    floor to bottom of oar locks 13 1/2"

    The little ice chest measures 6.5"h, 10.75"w, 7.25"long

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    Thats a nice looking sculling boat! I would try her as is before chopping her about, a friend has a Fisa double scull & she rows fine with just one person.
    Looks like the measurements are about optimum for sliding seat use.
    A similar boat that was succesful over here was the Mondego single, these utilised a Piantedosi drop in rigger unit that could be mounted in two positions either centraly for use by one person or forward, the fwd position allowed a passenger or Coach to be carried in the aft end of the cockpit.
    Im wondering if the Cockpit in your scull could be made parralell to allow similar system?
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    mick_allen -

    as shell gate to seat dimensions typically range from 5"-7” & as this is an open water type boat, a lower setting would be desired
    - so the dimension from flat spot to seat top should be pushed down to as close to 2 ¼ “ as possible.
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