What do you think of this Thai boat ?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DeepSea, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. DeepSea
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    DeepSea New Member

    hello all ...
    am thinking of building a new boat like this one ...
    33 foot and 11 foot beam...
    i am not looking for speed ... just cruising around the islands with the family ..
    i may use 170 hp diesel engine and maybe a small sail ...
    many people in this area recommended this builder and this design .. it's a traditional thai boat for fishing and trawling ...
    i would appreciate any input about the hull shape and the keel ...
    the guy said it's good for the beach landing as it will be safe to go shallow waters and rivers ...
    am worried about the hull performance with high wind and waves ...

    thanks in advance ...

    thailand ...

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  2. cthippo
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    cthippo Senior Member

    Not knowing the local area, I would tend to trust what the fishermen use. Looks like a good boat for the intended purpose and a reputable builder is worth a lot.
  3. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    As far as I know, there are no FPR fishing boats in Thailand. This boat might be copy of fishing boat shape, but then be careful as it is lighter and less stable, and also not unsinkable. Few years ago tsunami fund delivered some FRP boats to Thai fishermen, and they all we resold because unable to use.
  4. Village_Idiot
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    Village_Idiot Senior Member

    The chines look very sailboat-ish - leads me to question static stability.

    As mentioned, copy what the locals use. Also, check out the Panga design (not the fat ones of U.S. design, but the real, narrow ones). Pangas were designed to be robust enough for worldwide utility, having decent stability and cargo capacity with little power usage.

  5. DeepSea
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    DeepSea New Member

    thanks boys ...
    all the fishing boats in this area use this hull ....they say it's a good boat for shallow waters ... does that make sense ?
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