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Discussion in 'Education' started by S Hondros, Oct 21, 2004.

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    I used these when doing my design engineering course in UK before going to the landing school last year - they're good books and have pretty clear illustrations. For the landing school element of it all, I'm pretty sure we didn't do any dynamics, so no need for that one.

    A really good idea to get into these early - perhaps have a read about 'moments', 'vectors' and if you can bear it at the moment 'moments of inertia'. One of the few criticisms I had of the course was that the intensity and pace left very little opportunity for a comprehensive recap or revision. Fortunately for me, it was mostly going over old stuff, but for anyone who is rusty or new to it - help yourself and get a head start!

    Good Luck at the school - put your head down, work hard, keep warm and it will be awesomely rewarding!!

    So far I think 7 of the 11 students that just graduated, that wanted jobs, have got them. So the emplotment is out there! Good Luck.
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