We've set the date for our Launch Party, Alameda California!

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    Well, it's just building the rudder and fitting steering, putting in the tubes and propshafts for our diesel-electric hybrid drive, sandblasting outside and painting - then launch for March 31st party, whoo-hoo!

    This is a start-up California Nonprofit Public Benefit organization called International Rescue Group and this is our first boat. Saturday evening March 31st at 7pm at Pasta Pelican on the Alameda Estuary, we'll be splashing the boat and she will be at the dock for champagne visits all evening, with dinner and live music and dancing. If you're anywhere near, here's a great chance to meet the crew, founders, volunteers and contributors who have got International Rescue Group started! RSVP HERE.

    BACK TO THE FUTURE WITH IRG: Our celebrity host will be Jeffrey Weissman. Jeffrey co-starred as George McFly in the Back to the Future sequels, he co-starred in Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider, and with John Lithgow in Twilight Zone the Movie and he has guest starred on many TV shows: Diagnosis Murder, Saved by The Bell, Scarecrow and Mrs King among others.

    More recently, Jeffrey gets raves as ocd winemaker Jerry Hannon in the hilarious mocu-mentary “corked!”, and coming out soon he plays Mark Twain in the TV Movie, "Mark Twain in the Holy Land" and the lead in the hilarious "Nobody's Laughing"
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    The proof is in the pudding. I look forward to hearing how your diesel-electric hybrid drive setup works in practice. Good luck with all the work that comes before the launch.
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