Weight of one gallon of epoxy resin ?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mcm, Aug 15, 2012.

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    It's one thing to have done something and fess up and another to do and simply act as if nothing was.

    In other words, I don't think righteous is hypocritical. You can make mistakes and still be righteous. There are skeletons in every country and culture's closets. The great ones pull them out and rattle the hell out of them for everyone to see, with the hope they've learned, maybe made some amends and restitution. We've failed in many of these efforts, but this doesn't mean we can't look back as say "damn we could have done that better", furthermore pointing out the potential pitfalls to others in similar situations. Simply put, that is the definition of righteous.
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    Many Native Americans in the east were absorbed into the general population. By 1800 there were many whites who were part Cherokee living along the Cherokee border and in the nation itself. The same can be said for the Creek nation and other native tribes. Who do you think the indentured servants who survived married. Our first three presidents planed on bringing the native populations into American society, thus the five civilized tribes and six nations,and they were much more successful than history teaches. Alexlander MacGilvary a head chief of the Creek nation in 1790, was adviced to take 10,000 warriors to a treaty meeting with President Geo. Washington by the trading Co. of Panton and Forbes. At a 4 non warrior to warrior raito ,the Creek nations population would have been 50,000 in 1790. In 1832 about 20,000 Creeks were sent out of the nation on the trail of tears. The Creek population was not killed out in the Creek war , 1/3 rd or.333 of that population sided with the U.S. So where did the remainder of the Creek nations population go, the answer is nowhere. It was easy for eastern Native Americans to be absorbed into the American culture because there were few differances in the society and government . That brings us back to the gallon, we (Natives ) did'nt have a gallon, so we took the English gallon , fixed it and made it our own( American gallon). And a gallon of gas is as much gas as you can get in a milk jug, about 8 1/3 pounds (American pounds). And I use tons every day Frosty, yours were just to hard to add up, so we fixed it and made an American ton , 2000 pounds, (American pounds). And epoxy is about 9 pounds (American pounds) , aint that right PAR. Rick

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    Right on, rberrey.
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