Weight Calculation

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by hhhhar, Apr 15, 2014.

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    adam_designer naturally I feel uncomfortable with your comments but , in spite of that, I'll try to be completely objective . If you want to help someone , the best thing you can do is encourage him to do his work carefully , try not to make " estimates." When hhhhar have much experience , when he have done many weights calculation, only then, he will be ready to "estimate " things. Meanwhile what he should do is perform rigorous calculations .
    He should not try the easy way to ask, but it should work and try to find the solution, I'm sure he will learn a lot more by working himself tan scoring data that does not know where they come from . He is able , I´m sure, to find a solution by itself, even if he has to study some boock or some regulation , which is always good. Dave Gerr's is a great book but in my opinion, a naval architect should explore other books with a deeper scientific basis (and also Dave Gerr's book).
    You have to give good advice whether or not what the questioner wants to hear. A student need to be encouraged to study and , if you want help , tell him what to study . Tell hhhhar to ask others is the easy way out that will not teach him anything.
    On the other hand , I doubt that your information will be worth to something.
    hhhhar, trust me, you study, and do not try to walk shortcuts. You have enough capacity to solve this little problem.
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    I agree. For a final thesis these are elementary questions that should already been known. I like Gerr's book, but it assumes the designer has extensive experience. Even though it has a "cook book" approach, the guidelines are based on assumptions that require experience.
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    The big brothers get playful when they catch you stealing cookie from the cookie jar. Better hide under your mothers skirt.:p
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    hhhhar Harun

    Hello again,

    I am working on weight calculation by using GL, TL(Turkish Lloyd), Gerr's book and other graduation theses in our faculty about composite yacht calculations and construction.
    I am really thankful for the all people who try to help or encourage me. I don't understand the people who talks about my education and its money, please do not worry because university education is free in Turkey. In our school major area is steel commercial ship design and production and there are no classes about composites. I am trying to learn and gain experience by studying by myself and I think it is never too late to learn right?
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    I do not know if your boat should be governed by ISO 12215 (small boats). If so you could use my program, SCT, to calculate the scantlings of ship. It is much easier and faster than using the GL and, as you know, the boats trying to get the "CE" mark in Europe must comply with ISO standards.
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    I think this is likely. I went to school near Boeing and Bayliner facilities. But the composites classes I took were only about things that fly.

    I don't design either- (unless you count small subsystems) but my experience was that boats were considered to be built by chopper gun in the 80s and 90s. Even if they had a big gantry 5 axis CNC router for plug making.
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    Hi TANSL

    Hi Tansl. I am really interested on your calculation template software. Is it worksheet (ms. excel) or what? where I can find it?

    Thank you.

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    I have several programs for naval architecture calculations. Some are spreadsheets in Excel and other applications developed in VB. What is it Worth?. You can visit my web page on which much of my software is described.
    For any specific query, please e.mail me 657677483@orange.es
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