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Discussion in 'Inboards' started by Notayaht, Jun 17, 2006.

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    I recently bought a 22' 97 sunbird I/O that had its engine completly rebuilt in 02 by dealer. Since it was my uncles we have had lots of fun on it with no problem. I have owned it now for about 4 mos along with each and every years complete regular maintance and upkeep receipts. I have checked all fluid levels ect prior to taking out which had only been 3 times. While out on the lake the 3rd time the fin thats below the propellor struck a stump. I was traveling at about 20 mph. Stopped me pretty quick. Did not touch the propellor just chipped a little off the fin. I took the boat out again a few weeks later and checked my oil after being out on the lake for a couple hours (for no reason really) and noticed a small amout of cream on the very tip of dipstick. Was not running funny or hot so I just assumed that maybe that can be common with a boat engine maybe moisture from my dipstick or pushing into reverse to fast. I have taken it out 2 more times and have not had a problem and still no more than the small portion of cream at the tip of dip stick. It did backfire once but at that time I had just flooded it slightly due to a previous known problem with the throttle controls. Since I never push this boat to its 5.7L potential could I have cracked the heads or a head gasket. Is there any possibility that there is a simple or common solution that Im unaware of. Maybe due to something when I hit the stump.Maybe knocked another gasket loose where water could have temporarily seaped in. I know water trickles off the engine into the well where my bilge pump is while running ,didnt know if thats normal. If any one could help that would be great.
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    Change your oil and see if the condition returns. If not, who knows, condensation maybe. If you get an oily dip stick again, you have a leak and should have the system checked.
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    I would change the oil, run it and check for any water.

    If it is a 4 barrell carb and it is exposed to high moisture and sits long enough you can suck in a considerable amount of moisture through the carb down through the manifiold into the cylinders and eventually into the oil. This happened to me once before but it was only after a long moist winter and the boat left uncovered.
    Good luck.
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