Wanting to Modify a Mono Hull Yacht for Wheelchair Access

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by COOL Mobility, Sep 21, 2007.

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    COOL Mobility Sailor using wheelchair

    Hi, I am an Aussie wheelchair using disabled sailor with quite a bit of national and international wins and placings but only in 3.6m Liberty (75kg keel) single person yachts and smaller.

    I intend to modify a 28' to 32' yacht to have rear entry wheelchair access to cockpit and a lift to access cabin area. I need limited heel so need a heavy keel, reduced size rig and wide hull (over 3m beam). Will be installing hydraulic steering on starboard side of cabin back.

    See Italian design at http://www.velaetica.it/filosofia.html

    Any suggestions as to suitable old hull designs (to allow for my limited budget) that I can cut out and modify cockpit for access?

    Have looked at an old 1981 IOR style (28' 3.3m beam) but worry is the ability of the hull to carry a decent keel weight safely. Open to suggestions.
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