Wanting to build an aluminum kayak - how can I get plans for this frame?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by River Ratt, Jan 17, 2018.

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    skeleton boat.jpg

    How can I get plans for this frame?
  2. Barry
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    Due to the high sides and transom designed to hold a motor, this is more a canoe than a kayak
    If you want to build an aluminum kayak, find a set of plans on the net that can be built out of plywood and take it from there
    The problem is if you want something light, the skin should be around .063", maybe .080" which will require welding with tig, and there can be distortion due to the heat
    Check out the Grumman canoe site. Note that they stretch the aluminum and have minimal rivets to tie the ends together. Much beyond a DIY project
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  4. PAR
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    Log onto a SOF site and pick up some polyester fabric. This will easily sew on and you'll be about as light as practical. This assumes you have the frame currently. If not, well finding an aluminum tube SOF designer may prove challenging, but I've seen a few over the years.
  5. fallguy
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    I don’t understand why anyone would want an aluminum skin.

    The frame I get.

    Skins of poly n epoxy, canvas n paint been done forever.

    Aluminum is really loud as a canoe hull. Practical only as something to beat to death on rocky bottoms.
  6. upchurchmr
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    George Dyson had aluminum framed kayak designs. I had to ask specifically for him to provide a study plan.
    Yostwerks had multiple aluminum tubing framed kayaks, take down and fixed frame.

    I had a friend who built an aluminum pirogue of welded aluminum. His brother was a professional marine welder.
    It was a great looking boat at 100# (14').
    I introduced him to 4mm plywood made stitch and glue style to the same size. 35# and it could have been lighter.
    The aluminum boat does not get used now.

    Jeremy Harris had a thread talking about building the row boat from the frame picture you posted. You should look for that, lots of good information.

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