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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by pongorulz, May 29, 2009.

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    i was recently given a ford 302 and decided to build a boat for it. but i want a jet drive boat, i have always had so much fun in jet drives. anyways i cant seem to find a hull for it. everywhere i look on line everybody has these little rooster tail boats and that not what im looking for. im looking for something like a seadoo or yahama jet boat, something like 20 feet or so so that my buddies and i can do some wake boarding and what not.

    so since i cant find a "jet drive hull" i was wondering if its possible to just use a inboard hull, since they have those plates mounted to transom

    and is a 302 a big enough engine for this idea
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    You're putting the cart before the horse. To do it properly, you need to select/'design' a boat that suits your requirements other than you have been given a Ford 302! Design/select the type of boat you want, ie what length, beam, draft, outfit etc things "you would like" from your boat, then design/select one that satisfies those requirements. Once you have that, then you can see whether your Ford 302 will be suitable or not.
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