Wanted: Primer/Top-coat Spray Painter for Sultanate of Oman

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    Warm greetings!

    The place is the Sultanate of Oman, and the job is the repainting of the topsides of 78' motoryacht Al Zahra.

    Al Zahra was recently sailed from the Red Sea to Muscat (the Capital of Oman), and is now undergoing some in-water maintenance/refit work. Part of this work is a repainting of her top decks.

    She had an alkyd enamel on her cabin-tops that was recently stripped down to bare plywood in preparation for applying a two-part PU (she's a wooden boat, carvel planked but sheathed in marine ply all above the water line). The ply was then coated with epoxy resin, given a coat of West System 410 filler, Jotun filler, and 90% of the surface to be painted was given 3 coats of Jotun MegaPrimer.

    The remaining 10% of the surface still needs coating with Primer, then the whole boat needs sanding, 2 coats of Jotun MegaSpeed Undercoat, sanding, and finally 3 coats of Jotun MegaGloss Topcoat. She will probably need polishing after the topcoats have been sprayed, as the work is done on the water in the open.

    The challenge I am facing is that the labor here is semi-skilled, and while they put in honest work sanding and fairing (and are nice guys ;-), I need a pro to guarantee that the prep work has been completed properly and to do the spraying himself. I will provide two helpers for sanding/masking/cleaning, but you need to be able to supervise them and get the job done to perfection yourself.

    I suspect the remaining work will take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to complete.

    If you are interested in being considered for the position, please email your cv right away to alibadawy@gmail.com . We need to finish this job ASAP.

    This is a chance to work on restoring a unique wooden boat and visit a beautiful, peaceful country where the people are genuinely welcoming and hospitable.

    Best regards,

    Ali Badawy

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