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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by jeffjsb, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. jeffjsb
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    jeffjsb New Member

    I am searching for boat catalogs from the 1950s to current.

    Examples of companies that I am interested include Cruisers Yachts, Sea Ray, Carver, Bayliner, Slickcraft/Tiara, Formula/Thunderbird, Wellcraft, Larson, Four Winns, Fiberform, Reinell, Thompson, Century, Chris Craft, Trojan, Sun Runner and many many more.

    I am also interested in companies from Europe. Such companies are Fairline, Sunseeker, Sealine, Princess(Marine Projects), Riva, Nimbus, Gobbi, Windy, and more.

    If you have just a couple catalogs to a boatload just collecting dust I want to hear from you.

    I am willing to make a fair deal for what you have.

    I can be contacted at:

    email: jeffjsb@aol.com
    phone: 920-490-9248
    Green Bay, WI USAPow
  2. snorkmaiden
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    snorkmaiden New Member

    Hello people
    we are looking to locate the user manuals/boat specifications for the FIBERFORM flybridge series. 28ft. We wish to redesign the interior but cannot locate any diagrams/specs for doing this - any body know where we can get them or have some we can procure.


    Southsea, HANTS UK
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