Wanted Pair of Jet Drives to suit 370Hp Diesels

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Quayleisure, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Quayleisure
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    Quayleisure New Member

    I am looking for a pair of Jet Drives to link onto a pair of Yanmar 370Hp Diesels the boat at the moment has Z Drives many thanks.
  2. ed fitz
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    ed fitz Junior Member

    Call me evenings (east coast) 1-910-371-0940 ed
  3. hmattos
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    hmattos Senior Member

    Water Jets

    Here at Explorer Marine we are very happy to use Hamilton waterjets. They have a wide range of products and an excellent website to assist in matching the correct jet to your boat and engines. Note that engine HP and rev matching is most important to successful installation.

    Have a look at http://www.hamiltonjet.co.nz

    To see what we build here in Devon UK, have a look at www.explorermarine.co.uk

    Good boating - Hugh Mattos
  4. jbmboats
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    jbmboats Junior Member

    also look at the scott 9 1/2 " 952 water jet
    they already have 1 hooked up to a yanmar

  5. williamptrs
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    williamptrs New Member

    P.p.170? Water Jets.

    Dear Sir,

    I have a pair of P.P. Water Jest that would suit your requirements.

    7h0-102. Jet Propulsion Drives, Water Jet. 21-914-7401/e97259/b701

    -Overall Width: 750.0 mm nominal
    -Overall Height: 700.0 mm nominal
    -Item Description: 370.0 mm impeller diameter; provided with steering nozzle and reversing bucket
    -End Item Identification: 1940-21-911-1666

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