Wanted - naval architect to design solar "arch"

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by CookiesnTequila, Oct 29, 2016.

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    I'm looking for someone qualified to design, and create fabrication diagrams for, a fairly straight forward solar panel bracket for our Catana 50 catamaran.

    We just had a good SS yard tell us that they have a bit of a work shortage and are therefore able to make us a very good deal on fabrication work. Since this job was high on our priority list - we are on our way! I trust their fabrication abilities completely, but not so sure about their design/engineering ability. So I prefer to use a experienced, qualified professional.

    We are thinking a davit type design to hold the panels just over the dinghy, using either two davit type supports or two davit type supports plus a side support on each side on the sugar scoop/transom steps. Total weight (~120kg).

    Please private message me if this is something you might be interested in.

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    You don't need a naval architect for that job. Any engineer with experience in steel works for marine environment can do the job for you.
    Did you find a person who will do this for you?
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    As long as they have experience with designing for yachts, so they can understand the load factors of the attachment points on our particular boat, and have some flare for design.

    No, I have not. And the yard that I went to to get a quote gave me absolutely no confidence so it's not getting done this year, and I am still looking!!
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    DIY out of PVC pipe. Use full size panels from Home Depot ~$250- each. Match the voltage to your house batteries. When you finally settle on a working design have a shop replicate in stainless steel.
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    Please pm me
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