Wanted - Naval Architect for Downeast style boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Patrick Dwyer, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. Patrick Dwyer
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    Patrick Dwyer New Member

    Hi everyone. New member, but I have spent some time over the years browsing through the forum.
    I'm looking for a designer to create drawings for a 21' center console. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am located in CT.

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  2. bajansailor
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    Welcome to the Forum Patrick.

    Have you tried googling the suppliers of 'off the shelf' boat plans, to see if what you are thinking of is already available?
    The odds are good that there is a down east style 21' (or thereabouts) centre console boat already out there.

    This down east boat designed by Sam Devlin is a few feet longer, and has a cabin, but it could probably be adapted fairly easily for a centre console?
    North Haven 24 | Devlin Designing Boat Builders https://devlinboat.com/north-haven-24/

    Or Pelicano 23 Center Console | Devlin Designing Boat Builders https://devlinboat.com/pelicano-23-center-console/
  3. fallguy
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  4. fallguy
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    fallguy Senior Member

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  5. Waterwitch
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  6. rnlock
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    I admit I'm not clear on what a "Downeast" style boat is, since there are a number of boat types from that area. Still, I'd be flabbergasted if you couldn't find 10 stock designs that were suitable, and maybe a couple of boats for sale, too. Bolger had a center console boat that's the right length called "Fisherman's Launch", though I wouldn't be surprised if there were others by the same name. I'm sure it sold long ago, but I found this video showing a fair amount of detail on the Fisherman's Launch:

    Susanne Altenberger posted to the following list only about a week ago:
    bolgerboats@groups.io | Messages https://groups.io/g/bolgerboats/messages?start=8:2022:240
    It appears she's still selling plans. Also, she's a boat designer in her own right, so it might be possible to get the design tweaked if you need it.

    I bet there are many other viable choices from a number of designers if you don't like this one.

    The article in Boats with an Open Mind mentions a design found on plates 52 and 53 of Chapelle's Boatbuilding. However, it's an inboard.

    I've assumed you need the boat to be able to plane. If not, I'm sure you can find plans for displacement vessels.
  7. Adam M
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    Adam M Junior Member

    Any luck finding a designer for this style boat? I am seeking one as well.
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  8. Cacciatore
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    Cacciatore Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

    Hi , Patrick give me your email address . I could help you to develop your center console in Downeast Style . I have several years of experience on CC Design and Sportfishing boats.
    Please look in attachment a reference of a small CC European Style.

    01 hosted at ImgBB https://ibb.co/gjyvspV
    02 hosted at ImgBB https://ibb.co/yqxmCbh

  9. DogCavalry
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