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WANTED: Copenhagen Ship Curves

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by rmerold, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. rmerold
    Joined: Sep 2006
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    Location: Ft Walton Bch, FL

    rmerold New Member

    I'm looking for a set of Copenhagen Ship Curves, so if you have any you would like to sell, I am interested.
  2. westlawn5554X
    Joined: Aug 2006
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    Cost almost US$350 Made of wood from YDS, OR US$450 Made of beautiful plastic with serial imprintment come with wooden case from Charrette... OR find a friend near you who have a set and make it yourself EASY & CHEAP!:)

    I have a set just flown in from Charrette and it is beautiful!

    Good Luck
  3. ABoatGuy
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    ABoatGuy Member

    Check ebay item > Item number: 230033230372
  4. Brian McKay
    Joined: Dec 2006
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    Location: Ontario Canada

    Brian McKay New Member

    Copenhagen Ship's Curves

    I will be visiting my father over Christmas. My sister and I gave him a complete set of 56 (I think) ship's curves for his retirement. Unfortunately, Altzhiemers has had different plans for my father. I will pick them up during Christmas holidays. If anyone is still interested, I can either put them on Ebay, or possibly sell direct. I Live in Canada and should be able to ship anywhere by UPS or other courier.
    We paid over $400 US for them and it would be nice to recoup that cash layout. I can give more details in the new year after I have them in my possession.
  5. elephant
    Joined: Aug 2008
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    Location: conway ar

    elephant New Member

    Copenhagen Ship's Curves

    I have recently unearthed my old set of curves. There are a total of 56 curves in the set, with an additional 4 duplicates. This is a complete set of Copenhagen Ship's Curves by Alvin in the original wooden box. I used them while taking the NAEBM Yacht Design course in the 60's. Can hardlly see them now! (My vision, not the curve's problem).

    I am open to reasonable offers.

    Also have a Morilla 1290 Pantograph and a Mutoh Model L Drafting Machine (40 x 72) with complete rails, rulers, head, etc.

  6. Brian McKay
    Joined: Dec 2006
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    Location: Ontario Canada

    Brian McKay New Member

    To Elephant.
    Hi, Just received an email from you, but you misread the thread I had posted. I as well have a set pf ship's curves for sale. Thanks for reading though.
  7. C.Rödiger
    Joined: Oct 2008
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    Location: Bremen, Germany

    C.Rödiger New Member

    Hello Elephant,
    I am interested in the set of copenhagen ships curves, although there is a stumbling block wich is the price. I do have a set of hamburg ships curves on offer (complete with 7 spare) for €110,- ,that would be about $160,-US including p&p. I don't know about p&p from the US to Germany, neither do I know about taxes, VAT, etc. That limits the price to about $150,-US. Payment is via VISA-card, I presume?
    It is not That urgent, so if you or a relative plan to visit Europe in the next months, take the box along and send it from Frankfurt (postage is €9,70 inside Germany).

  8. Andrew Mirsky
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    Andrew Mirsky New Member

    After a two-year long research and prototyping project, there is now a Kickstarter project where you can purchase nautical drafting curves:

    - Ship Curves One: a single-piece that contains more than a dozen ship curves.

    - Dixon Kemp Curves: a five-piece set of pear-shaped ship curves attributed to a mid-1800s maritime architect.

    - Copenhagen Ship Curves: both the standard 56-piece set as well as an extended 120-piece set.

    You can find out more about the project and research from my blog on the Copenhagen Curves website or purchase directly through my Kickstarter project.

    Copenhagen Ships Curves http://copenhagenshipcurves.com/
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