Want advice on submitting some radical sailboat/powerboat designs to industry

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Marcum Marine, Jul 19, 2001.

  1. Marcum Marine
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    Marcum Marine New Member


    I am going to be a Landing School (Boat Design Program) student in September and would like some advice on pursuing some radical sailboat/powerboat/catamaran designs and submitting them to industry. I would like to submit some plans, drawings with prototype models for review to Boat design/ Builders/
    Naval Architects who would be interested in possibly working together on one or more of the ideas. I work at eBay and have a passion for boat
    design and have made some truly unique boat designs. I would require the signing of a non-disclosure agreement prior to disclosing any plans etc..

    Thank You in advance for any suggestions you may provide. John :confused:
  2. Stephen Ditmore
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    Stephen Ditmore Senior Member

    I'm asking myself the same thing, but let me use this as an opportunity to discuss my vision - partnering with other creative individuals to form a "Marine Innovation Studio" - a business in which designers are not so much employees as participant partners, free to market themselves as well as the studio. Of course, this would require at least one person willing to take on a business manager role without overshadowing the creative work, a strong team of creative and technical people interested in working together, and, as your message suggests, at least one person with some marketing acumen. I'm eyeballing a marina location on the Hudson River north of New York, or perhaps a place convenient to Pratt industrial design students or other interested individuals, but I don't yet have a roadmap of how to get such a thing started. Anyway, I like the idea of a team, a "studio," and some form of democratic decision making. Please let me know if you see our directions intersecting.

    Stephen Ditmore
    Landing School Yacht Design class of '91
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    Your idea sounds interesting and I would like to be involved as a partner member. I do have an MBA in Technology Management from Florence Italy and am a University of Miami(FL) alumni and could help on the business end of the Studio as well. Unfortunately, I do not have any ideas for such a facility at the moment, but I will give it some thought. Please keep me informed of any developments. Thanks John
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    Getting started is difficult.

    I have an apprentice. I went looking for him when i needed some help. He knew nothing about boat building but he had skills I could use. Soon he will be a top boat builder.

    I certainly, would not sign a non-disclosure agreement to spend my time looking at a novice's plans. If I look at your plans, I get paid.

    If your ideas are good, put your money behind them. Get your friends to put their money behind them. Build the boat. Don't have money. Work and save.
  5. Marcum Marine
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    Marcum Marine New Member

    YA' SURE? Well then, you sure are helpful! Thanks anyway.:cool:

  6. Gades
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    I think that's a great idea.

    Marcum Marine: maybe you'd like to try something like:


    If I have the time I'll try it as well.

    Stephen Ditmore: if you get any further with your idea, will you post it in the forum?

    Good luck guys
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