walker bay 8 good multihull tender?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Corley, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    Not strictly multihull related but does anyone have one of these as their tender and how do they find them. I prefer a rigid boat for rowing and these seem to fit the bill and can carry a small outboard if necessary. Has anyone tried the sail kit?
  2. pool
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    we had the 10' as a second dinghy for the kids, and were very happy with it. very tough boat, can take lots of abuse. the sailing rig worked nicely, easy to mount as well. we also had the rib collar, which gave great stability and safety factor for the kids when sailing off on their own.
    fairly easy to row with the standard oars, and very quick with a 3hp outboard.
    only saw the 8' as tender to another yacht, but it looked and operated very similar.
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  3. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    we had an 8ft version on our Eclipse.

    Never again. Very poor design, not enough buoyancy aft. If you weigh over 180lbs you cannot start the outboard (2hp max) without sinking the stern. But too much buoyancy forward. We fitted inflatable collars which helped.

    My wife called it the "devil dinghy"

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

  4. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    I've actually contacted Paul Ricelli (PAR) about one of his tender designs the little DACE and he is sending me some plans, I'm currently rebuilding a cold moulded off the beach trimaran so a little job like building the tender will be a pleasant distraction for a little while. If your interested in PAR's tender design visit wooden boat magazine and have a look through their plans list. Looks like just the ticket if you want to carry a good payload.

  5. Milan
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    Milan Senior Member

    I always thought that multihull cruisers should carry multihull tender as well. Something like Gary Dierking's Waapa. Simple and cheap to make, can be dismantled in short sections for storage during the passages, economical and fast under 2 horse power outboard, fast sailer, easy to paddle, stable platform for fishing and spearfishing, can carry reasonable amount of stuff for day trips or for carrying provisions when yacht is anchored.

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