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  1. douges
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    douges New Member

    im from new zealand and am looking at building my own wakeboarding boat.i can get all the materials and have experiance in building boats, but im not a designer and have no skills with autocad etc.. is there anyone that could help me out with this plans / designs etc..
    thank u
  2. adrianobr21
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    adrianobr21 New Member

    hi i am from brazil and have the same problem from the nz friend i need help to choose the best v drive 18 -20" v drive wakeboard i am already training doing some kayak and canon ,around here we dont have any boat builders book or plans if anyone could help us .. thanks
  3. TeakGuyFL
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    TeakGuyFL Junior Member


    thats a shame no one is around to help you guys.
    Wish I could be of some assistance... If you need Marine Plywood & Teak Lumber sources I could help =)
    good luck.
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