VW TDI diesel-Merc Bravo 2 outdrive for houseboat

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by jrnj, Jul 19, 2015.

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    Hi mikkijayne! Thanks for the part number I'll definately look into that. Let me know how your fabrication of the bell housing goes. There is a post on here from a guy who has cast a bell housing which must have cost a fortune. He originally had a motor mount made of flat steel which was cut out for the starter and which he matched to the flywheel. He ran the engine with that configuration but still went ahead with the casting. Still wondering why a flat steel "bellhousing" wouldn't work???

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    "As for docking the boat has a bow thruster which should help there".

    A simple low cost bow thruster is an outboard made for high thrust to push a sail boat, mounted athwartships at the bow..

    Advantage over electric units is it has no short 60 - 120 second on time limits , and 10HP is a fantastic amount o push!!
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