VW marine engine SDI 40,50,60 TDI 75 reliability ?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by phiphitdi, May 3, 2010.

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    Hello everybody

    I have planed to buy a boat (arvor 190 ) powered by a volksvagen diesel marine engine SDI 50 .What do you think about the reliability of that kind of inboard engine ? I know that VW is a good car maker but i don't know if their marine engines are good .I have the same engine in my car (audi a3 tdi 110) ,it is quite good engine except the VTG turbocharger which sometime lock when I am near the sea on rainy days.On SDI 50 there is no turbocharger and I think it is a good new , another reason to buy VW engine is that you can find spare parts easily and not to expensive

    Thanks for your advice
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    CDK retired engineer

    You already have experience with your Audi. In a car the VW engine has a life expectancy of 300 000 km and more at much higher load than in a boat. The SDI 50 has a reduced output because the injection pump settings are different from those in a car or van, so it probably is near immortal.
    The only weak point is the use of a timing belt instead of a chain, but the belt lives surprisingly long.

    One small mistake from VW-Marine: they paint their engines white instead of blue.
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