Volvo D3 190 Coolant Problems

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Lilly-O, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Lilly-O New Member

    I just found my coolant to be a thick whitish paste? Don't know what caused it, will be taking it to my mechanic. It been problems after problems with this new engine I'm buying is a Yanmar. I feel like shipping this whole enging to the door step of Volvo's Corp. office.
  2. Guest62110524

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    that can only be oil in the water
    sure buy another hand grenade rated engine Yanmar
    yanmar will not warranty there engines if you run them slow, we found this out so we fitted Cummins
    You are in USA, if you have the room fit Cummins, they never overate, theirwarranty is exceptional, they have a high rebuildibilty and are probably the best engine made
    our latest boat we cant find a small Cummins, the 4 cyl 3.9 is no longer But search their sites from 200 to 800shp they make some superb engines
    Take you average big rig truck, mostly Cummins power, Kenworth, Freightliner, White
  3. gonzo
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    That is oil in the water for sure. How old is the engine. If you went to the dealer several times with the same problem, it will give you some legal recourses.
  4. Seaclif
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    I have twin Volvo D3-160 in a 29 ft boat. One engine has oil in the coolant. The volvo mechanic has tested the oil cooler, replaced the head gasket, and discussed the matter with Volvo. They have come to the conclusion that it must be a cracked block because they don't know what else it could be.

    They don't make the 160 so they say I could buy a 130 or 190 or get a remanufactured long block for $12K plus labor.

    The engine has 860 hours and is out of warranty.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. mark775

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    "Yanmars are crap. Service, oil filters are Toyota crappity-crap crap, silver paint, blah, blah, crap, horrible, need to buy a Volvo, crap, ****, dumb, stupid-dumb, airfare, shipping, crap...shitty crap. So sue me" - Frosty

    I think that you will find, Sir, that all manufacturers have their adherents and revilers. It is but a mechanical object and you need to have it fixed. To do this, you need a qualified mechanic. Generally, people in your position are better off with gasoline engines, BTW. is a better place to source this type of information.
  6. Seaclif
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    Whose post are you replying to?

  7. mark775

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    Oh, YOU mentioned the cracked block...I'll scratch that. There is am infamous thread wherein one member hates his Yanmars and has plenty to say about it. I'm just relating to Lilly-O ("...the next engine I'm buying is a Yanmar") that brand-switching is not the answer - there are problems wit' all of 'em. By the time he gets this sorted out and learns to take care of them and doesn't over-prop them, and puts some reliable years under his belt, he may LOVE Volvo. The Boatdiesel recommendation goes to you, too.
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