Voip who has it and which services do you youse to make calls

Discussion in 'Software' started by neptunenet, Dec 12, 2005.

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    :!: I have been using voice over IP for a year it has saved me a small fortune on telephone calls, I use it in the marina that I live in. I have wifi on my boat which gives me Internet access . What I would like to know is what services are the rest of you are using and what other benefits have you found. One of the major benefits which I found recently from my provider Skype was I was able to take a UK telephone number in London and all my friends and business acquaintances are able to ring me at the UK, at local call prices and it actually arrives on my boat via the Internet. Please give me some feedback on the subject. Paul at NeptuneNet
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    D'ARTOIS Senior Member

    I use Skype for a year now and specifically to call the office. If you want to try here is my number: brieng6528 ;)
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    I've been using Lingo for approx 18mo. My application is similar to yours, although in my case it has been to provide a "local" number and free calling for me (within the plan) to the US. In general, I have been very pleased with the service. The fee of just under US$20 provides unlimited calling anywhere in the US, voicemail, forwarding, email notification, and other features that I haven't bothered to investigate. I have had no reason to communicate with their service dept., but initial set up was quick, and checking my account on the web has been a breeze. Communication quality has been good but not perfect: sometimes calls will cut out (not often) and sometimes the other side gets a bad signal from me (awkward, since I hear them just fine and don't realize the problem). I have heard that Vonage has more regular voice quality, but that's been from US - to -US connections whereas I am doing everything from Hong Kong or other locations. - I am also working through a proxy-server in my apartment building and its connection speed is slower than if I had a 'regular' broadband account.
    I believe that there is a general review of VOIP services on CNET

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    I'm voip'ing two separate ways: the ADSL router in my office handles phone calls via the internet, the protocol is the one my ISP made available, I don't have the details right now. I've configured the system so that all outgoing calls are voip calls, the old 600 Ohm landline being configured as a failback for those rare instances the DSL signal isn't there.

    On my laptop, when on the road (which is quite a lot lately), I also use Skype.

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