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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Theo Moore, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Theo Moore Junior Member

    I'm a mathematician working at a university in Britain. One of the problems we're studying is that corresponding to steady waves following a ship's stern, which we model as two-dimensional and the ship as a semi-infinite block.

    BBB|   \ 
    BBB|    \
    ----     \      /\    /\  /\    /\
                ___/   \/   \/   \/   \
    At low speeds, the free-surface should rise up and attach to the stern of the block at a stagnation point, and contain waves downstream.

    It would be lovely if we could obtain videos of this phenomenon (from the side-view) to help demonstrate our system during conference talks. It's not exactly an avant-garde problem, and I'm sure videos studying the wave profile of similar systems have been done.

    Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to track down the right people to ask for these videos, especially since we're not really acquainted with the experimentalists.

    Does anybody know of a experimental group that has done videos of this phenomenon?
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    BTG YACHT DSGN -sailing is believing-

    I reckon that you might contact Wolfson Unit at Southhampton University or Politechnika GdaƄska, Department of Naval Architecture- they're playin' 'round hydro stuff, so I think that they'll have some data on this :)

    just try :)


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    Leo Lazauskas has done a lot of work in the this field and produced code that accurately calculates wave patterns.

    I have lots of videos of wakes but my objective is to have as little as possible so I doubt they would be useful.

    You may find some useful examples on Youtube. Tugs and ferries are often videod.

    Rick W

  4. Theo Moore
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    Theo Moore Junior Member

    The numerical code we have. It's more I'd like a real-life video to show people before any talks I give. Thanks, though.

    I'll see about contacting some of the people at the Southampton group.
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