Vastra Banken 1900

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Wellydeckhand, May 22, 2006.

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    This Old Baby would be a classic if only I know why would a designer build a vessel with a lighthouse on the deck? Maybe some expert may have a clue..... Does any new version of this vessel build anymore.....? Maybe this is an old version of OSV? :)

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    Its a lightship and served as one from 1901 to 1970

    decommissioned and used as a café. During this time the lighthouse and deckhouse had been removed and installed as a museum in Öregrund. The current lighthouse and superstructure was taken from lightship nr. 21 TRELLEBORGS REDD

    Length: 26.40 m
    Beam: 6.85 m
    Draught: 3.12 m
    Displacement: 246 t
    Displacement (fully loaded): 260 t

    Year of construction: 1900/1901
    Shipyard: Bergsunds mekaniska verkstad, Stockholm, Sweden
    Material: steel

    Main engine: Bolinder 2-cyl crude oil engine, 175 bHp
    Cruising speed: 8 knots

    Västra Banken station,
    position: 60° 53' 48'' North and 17° 55' 10'' East

    From today the lightship can be found at pier 81 in the City harbour of Rostock, where it will be restored for the next month its second life.

    -- Per Larsson
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    Who own it now and how many of this beautiful monster was built?:)
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    After a quick google.
    Västra banken is apparently going to Grenada (West Indies), where it will start its second life as the landmark of the Le Phare Blue Marina & Resort.

    see link for more lightships

    -- Per Larsson
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  7. Wellydeckhand

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    I find these vessel powerful and classic in their own way, shinning hope and guardian of the true sea.:) Maybe we can find more picture..... from other countries that have build em.
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