vacuum bagging variation for composite construction

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Michael Jensen, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Hi All, it was recommended that I re-post a question I had here. It's a question about methods, so not totally clear where it should go. The original post is here: vacuum bagging variation for composite construction

    "has anybody ever tried clamping camping foam to layers of composite materials to act as a bleeder material, as an alternative to the full vacuum bagging method? in this case, you could clamp a sandwich of camping foam and thin plywood.. or if you're applying composites to something long and thin, you could wrap the whole thing in seran-wrap and use -it- as the clamp. the foam will end up sticking to the part.. you just rip it off. if it isn't an external part, no problem.."

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    whats the point? why not just use regular breather and a perf'd release film.
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