Vacancy: Naval Architect, U.S. Coast Guard, Baltimore MD

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    United States Coast Guard, Surface Forces Logistics Center, Engineering Services Division, Baltimore, MD.
    Vacancy Announcement for Naval Architect, GS-0871-07/09/11/12, (Pos. # 19378637), Ann. # 19-2235-NE-AW-EHA

    The subject vacancy announcement has been posted on the USAJOBS website at the following link:
    Expedited Hiring:

    Opening and closing dates: 09/16/2019 to 10/15/2019
    Salary: $47,016 to $108,422 per year
    Appointment type: Permanent - This is a permanent appointment.
    Work schedule: Full-Time - This is a full-time position
    U.S. Citizenship required
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