Using ZEBRA molten salt batteries on an electric powered boat

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by GregMartin, May 2, 2011.

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    I'm a newbie. Just browsing some of the topics and reading through the threads here, it seems like this might not be the most electric drive friendly place on the internet. I'll jump in anyway. I have an electric powered sailboat and I absolutely love it. It works great for me, granted my range is reduced under power, but heck, it's a sailboat! I only need the "auxiliary" mechanical power to get in and out of the marina and occasionally to motor through lulls. The clean and quiet, reliable, high torque propulsion is totally awesome driving around the marina and I am a true believer that electric only is the way to go for certain boating applications- especially for aux. power on a sailboat.

    For those of you who agree with me, of course you know that batteries are the Achilles Heel and if we can find better batteries our EP systems would be even better. I was just wondering if anyone in this forum has heard anything about what Innovanautic is doing in Spain with ZEBRA molten salt batteries? For those of you unfamiliar, I wrote a brief summary blog post about it at:

    ZEBRA batteries are being used by EV companies and the British Royal Navy to power submarines and it seems like they might hold some promise for extending the range and capability of electric propulsion systems aboard boats.

    What do you think?


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    The current generation of lithium Lifepo is more capable and safer.
    Such high temperature doesn't seem like a good idea.
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