US Composite Suppliers?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by CatBuilder, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    I bought my first batch of Corecell from Gurit. They had some overstock.

    Now, I'm having trouble locating fair prices on Corecell, or even Divinycell,
    which is coming up at the same price as Corecell.

    Who are people using for core suppliers and what kind of pricing are you

    Also, where do you buy sundries? Jamestown Distributors charges more than HomenDepot for a paint roller setup, so I'm thinking nobody is buying from them.

    They also can't order my System Three epoxy drums. They don't understand it comes in drums anymore, even though the first drum I ever ordered was from them.

    All in all, I'm coming up very short on suppliers who can supply a large project for a fair price.

    Any suggestions?

    Just about everyone is trying to stick me with full retail rip off pricing. :confused:
  2. rberrey
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    rberrey Senior Member

    I got all my composite material from fiberglass supply, some smaller orders from US Composites and Bateau. I tried to haggle over corecell prices and gave up, call Mathew with Fiberglass supply and see what he can do on Divinycell, there are only so many games in town. rick
  3. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    Merrit? Although last time I discusses pricing it was high.

    What kind of foam do you need? (complete specs)
  4. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    100kg/m^3 density - 25mm or thicker.

    I see you have some Airex for sale. It looks to be lower density than I need. The foam I need right now is for the foils. I plan to hot wire my dagger boards. The rudders have a certain build technique that I will follow from my designer.

    Herman, I also plan to follow your initial advice, now that I have built enough boat to understand it.

    I will be infusing a great deal of the boat, with the exception of the inside laminate. Now I finally understand why you had suggested doing it that way from the beginning. Thanks for the advice from way back when. It is now clear that hand layup inside laminate on my female form with infusion of the exterior and bridgedeck and other similar parts is the fastest way to build the boat. You were correct.
  5. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    How much foam do you need, and how thick should it be ideally?

    In any case I have a bunch of 1/4" A600 Core-Cell lying around. I should investigate shipping. I once got it transported for free, as the majority of the foam was for an airline company.

    I also have 100 kg/m3 foam in various dimensions. Would need to know your ideal thickness and amount, however. I can do quite good prices, however the Dollar-Euro exchange rate and transport can make things hairy.

  6. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Sounds good, Herman.

    I need 25mm A600 plain with no holes, cuts or grooves. This is for the remainder of my 2nd hull I am short on this size.
    I am not 100% sure of the quantity at the moment. At least 300sqft (28 sqm).

    I also need "as thick as possible" (ideally 63mm) 6lb (100 kg/m3). Also no holes, cuts or grooves. This last bit can be any good quality foam - Corecell, Divnycell, Airex. It is for the dagger boards and rudders. The squared quantity of this will vary, depending on how thick I can find it. I am trying to fill a space that is 5 inches x 34 inches x 24 feet. That is the volume of foam I need for the dagger boards. I need to create a rectangular foam "blank" so I can hotwire dagger boards from it. The trouble is, if I have too thin of Corecell for this, I will end up having to hot wire my way through many glue seams which will make my foil shape less than fair.

    Should I PM you?
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