Unusual center console design: Twin hulls forward, single hull aft (1987 MXI 21')

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ziper1221, Mar 28, 2022.

  1. ziper1221
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    I came across this unusual looking boat. Seller claims it to be a 1987 21' manufactured by MXI. I'm guessing that it doesn't work so great, based only on the fact that nobody else copied it. And judging by the low hours on the old motor, nobody liked taking it out either. Google searches only bring up listings of the same boat for sale from a few years ago. Any guesses as to how it actually handles?

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  2. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    That certainly is a rather 'unusual' design.
    I can sort of see their approach to the design (re the cat concept, lift generated under the bridgedeck, hoping for good economy), but it does seem like it was not successful, otherwise there would be more of them around.
    Re the photo of the boat afloat, it is a pity that there is not a proper broadside view - however it does look like she is deeper in the water at the stern than what she should be, and I doubt there is much freeboard in way of the engine pof.
    I found this one for sale in 2015, asking $2,000 -

    The MTX folk also built more conventional power cats like this 27' version with twin 175 hp O/B motors -
  3. DogCavalry
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    Looks like someone with a chopper gun and a love of the 60's batmobile had too much energy. But maybe it handled... Adequately?
  4. jehardiman
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    Looks like someone wanted a 3-point hydroplane in an overweight underpowered center console build. Horses for courses...

  5. wet feet
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    I think I can understand what they were aiming for;the sponsons forward will presumably maintain the pressure peak that planing generates.On the other hand,the projecting points at the aft ends of the sponsons are likely to be vulnerable to chipping and chafing.I suspect the biggest negative thing is the strong probability of very nasty slamming with that hull form.The weight of all that stainless steel in the canopy at such a height won't be doing the boat any favours either.I can't imagine getting it back on the trailer would be the simplest of tasks,even with the guide poles to help.
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