Unused center cockpit sailboats as river/canal barge

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Greenseas2, Mar 28, 2010.

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    With the boating market currently worse than the housing market, it would seem like a good time to buy an inexpensive older center cockpit boat in good condition and convert it to a river/canal cruising barge for a family of four. Most sailing vessels are more hydrodynamic than power boats and require a much smaller and economical diesel motor for crusing. The idea in mind is to remove the mast and rigging and built a center pilot house over the cockpit.

    Several boats in the 38 to 42 foot range would work. Even better if the boat has a swing keel that can be removed for shallow draft cruising. Most boats of this length have all of the amenities of a house ashore and would provide good year around accommodations. Anchoring out and using a dinghy to go ashore for supplies will also reduce the cost of cruising. This might be an option that would permit a familywho had their home foreclosed to save money to get back on their feet. It's been noticed lately that many people are moving on to boats as witnessed by the number of boats in free anchorages near towns in the south.

    Your thoughts?
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