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    Hi, I am new here on this forum. I am a second year Naval Architecture student in Australia. For our final project, we are to do a concept design for a passenger ferry, adhering to a given design brief which I have attached. Note, it is the passenger ferry, not the patrol boat. I have a semester break and will be working on it this week, but I am feeling a little stuck on the hull design since there are so many possibilities. Though our lecturer suggested we stick with monohull, which narrows it down a little. But I would like to get some more advice on the specific design etc. I have started on a workboat example hull in MaxSurf, and gave it a hard chine, and modified the dimensions to suit my specifications, and our lecturer also gave us one of her examples to look at. I aim to use water jets for propulsion, and I know I still have to allow for that at the stern section, so I will still design that. I have attached both the designs as well, so if someone can please have a look at the brief, and the designs and maybe give me some tips/advise on how to proceed, and any design additions/changes that would be beneficial for the design specs, that would be very much appreciated :)

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