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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Darryl, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Hi folks,
    Instead of attending a university or college after HS, I went straight to ITT Tech. There I received an AS in design. Don't take me wrong... ITT it's an awesome school and upon graduation, I was hired by Boeing right away to work in payloads interiors for 767, 777 and 747. After 9/11, I ended up 18 months unemployed until I found work at Embraer Business jets for a 3 months contract that lasted 9. I'm unemployed again and lost faith in aerospace. It has been hard on my family and me and it's time for a change. My father is a retired boat technician and, since very young, he used to take me to boatyards where a thrived. I have this unexplained passion for boat design. I tried to find employment since I left ITT but... nothing. I wonder if there's anybody out there who would hire someone with my qualifications. I have a very impressive resume in design with CATIA, AutoCAD, Microstation experience. I just need to get my foot in and continue my education. I'm also available for relocation anywhere in the US in short notice. If I only had a chance...
    Please, let me know if there's hope.
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    Go to the Professional BoatBuilder website, www.proboat.com and start looking around the want ads. Also try the various large yacht builders in Florida. There may be some places in commercial or military as well. Northrup Grumman Ship Systems in MS might need people right away. There is a tech recruiter in Mobile that might be worth contacting - the lead agent there is Suzy Bush, and you can probably find her on the web, since she is active in SNAME. Go to Monster as well, and AUGI.

    Your CAD skills are sufficiently useful that you don't need to spend a lot of money and time on yacht design courses - you can pick up what you need on the job and on your own.

    Good luck
  3. CDBarry
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  4. Lew Morris
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    Lew Morris Industrial Designer

    see Prof. Boatbuilder site; then go to: Industry Jobs

    see the Viking Yachts advertisement

    see Vikingjobs.com
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