Underwater appendage Drag

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by jerseysportfish, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Curious if any of you all out there have attempted to sharpen and fair in underwater hardware like struts and rudders ? I wonder if it makes a difference with the shaft being the first in line to start the turbulence ?
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    Always and in every way if attention is paid to the small and important things like hydro and areo dynamics all added together you are blue printing and it all together makes a differance !! One blade on a 3 bladed prop gets damaged it throws the rest completely out of kilter and makes a big differance to the performance of the other 2 so tha same with all things that are in the water flow . the round shaft is at a angle to the water flow so almost falls into be a foil shape ! as we know foils are better than plain rounds struts and outboard bottom ends can all do with fine tuning . I recently read some where theres a company doing that exact thing blue printing your bottom ! and all the bits that stick or hang down !! :)

    It was a eyeopener to work making performance sail and power craft and the little tricks that are unspoken and taken for granted to fine tune , perfect sharp transon edge and sharp chines and no radius on the keel line from end to end can give the edge in a sea way and a hull has grip and will track in a straight line , it works !!! add all and everything together and see what you get !!
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